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New Delhi: In his 9th speech from the notorious Red Fort on Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said that defilement and nepotism are among the greatest two difficulties for India. “Corruption is eating up my country like termites. And nepotism is snatching opportunities from all…even dynastic politics- let’s pledge to rid India of this,” PM Modi requested the citizens of the country.

But, PM Modi said the comment on defilement – in his Independence Day speech – was not restricted to legislative issues, the remark on nepotism was viewed as an evident correspondence at rival parties, including the Congress among others. PM Modi has hit out at political parties in the past for empowering dynastic politics.

As he started his Independence Day speech at around 7:30 am after the ceremonial hoisting of the tricolor, the prime minister said: “Something really special about India. When we attained freedom many skeptics doubted our development trajectory. In any case, they didn’t realize that there is something else about individuals of this land. They did not know that this soil is special.” He further highlighted that the “world now sees India differently””.

Among the features of his almost an hour and a half long speech were the “Panch Praan” – the five commitments for the improvement of India. “First Pran – the goal of developed India. Second pran – remove any trace of colonial mindset. Third pran – take pride in our roots. Fourth pran – unity. Fifth pran – the sense of duty among the citizens,” the PM announced.

Discussing India’s 75 years of excursion as a free country, he expressed that the next 25 years are critical.

Women empowerment was also in focus as PM Modi spoke of freedom fighters of the likes of Rani Lakshmibai. He likewise opposed sexism and encouraged the country to make a vow to quit “disrespecting women”.

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