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On Sunday union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh responded to the alleged controversy that has been revolving around the logo of the G20 summit and asked if they should forget the culture because it resembles BJP party sign.

“They are debating around the logo of the G20 Summit and are alleging that the Prime Minister has embossed the symbol of his party on it. Have they forgotten about freedom fighters who in 1857 had a roti (chapati) in their one hand and a lotus in another?” Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said.

“Although the Lotus is our National Flower, should we forget our culture just because it is our party’s logo as well,” Rajnath Singh added. Prime Minister Modi launched the G20 logo for India’s presidency via video conferencing on Tuesday. An official statement from the government said it drew inspiration from the vibrant colors of the Indian national flag. It juxtaposes planet Earth with the lotus, India’s national flower that reflects growth amid challenges.

However, since its launch, the G20 logo has been getting consistent backlash, including the Lotus embedded in it. Hitting hard at the central government for including the lotus symbol for India’s G20 Presidency, which also is BJP’s party symbol, veteran Congress leader and spokesperson Jairam Ramesh said that Prime Minister and BJP would not lose any opportunity to “promote themselves shamefully.”

“Over 70 years ago, Nehru rejected the proposal to make Congress flag the flag of India. Now, BJP’s election symbol has become the official logo for India’s presidency of G20!” Ramesh tweeted on Wednesday.

“While shocking, we know by now that Mr. Modi and BJP won’t lose any opportunity to promote themselves shamelessly!” the tweet added.

Reacting to the aforesaid on the same day, the BJP hit back Congress saying the party has been insulting Indian culture and Hinduism by disrespecting “lotus” BJP Rajya Sabha MP and national spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi had said, “Lotus has been one of the most important in the culture of India for thousands of years. If we want to become an intellectual superpower and an economic superpower, then we have to believe it.

Goddess Lakshmi rests on the lotus. Goddess Saraswati also sits on the lotus. Those who talk about opposing the lotus, are certainly insulting Indian culture and Hinduism.”

“Once upon a time, the election symbol of Congress was cow and calf. Was the cow not a symbol of Indian culture? But, yet again, they are doing politics on a special constitutional subject. This shows how much disrespect they have towards elements of nationalism. They are ready to go to any extent to humiliate national sentiments,” he added.

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