Bejing: China has been waging a campaign of intimidation against people participating in the demonstrations, which began days after Beijing abruptly abandoned its zero-COVID restrictions. The New York Times reported that the country was discrediting the protesters by portraying them as tools of malevolent foreign powers.

Since China abandoned its zero-COVID policy, its domestic challenges have increased, youth unemployment is high, the economy is slowing down, and COVID infections and deaths have accelerated. According to The New York Times, Beijing has long dismissed dissent at home, from pro-democracy activism to ethnic unrest demanding women’s rights as a result of Western-backed sabotage.

Recently, China arrested four women in association with the protests.

People close to the four women told The New York Times that police asked the women about their use of foreign messaging platforms or involvement in feminist activities, such as reading groups. Chinese propaganda has portrayed feminism as another tool of foreign influence.

The women have told the police that they were driven by their convictions and a belief that they have the right to voice their views. One of the women, Cao Zhixin, before being detained in December, recorded a video that she entrusted to friends to share if she went missing.

“We care about this society,” said Cao, 26, in the video, in which she said that the other three women, Li Yuanjing, an accountant; Li Siqi, 27, a freelance writer; and Zhai Dengrui, a former literature student, had already been taken away, The New York Times reported.

“At the scene, we respected public order, we didn’t provoke any conflicts with the police. So why do you still have to secretly take us away,” Cao asked. recently reported that China is facing a significant challenge in the form of COVID, due to the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) “flawed and regressive containment policies and ineffective domestically produced vaccines.”

Many reports from China have suggested that hospitals in highly-populated cities, including Shanghai and Beijing are overflowing with patients despite officials claiming that the outbreak had peaked last month, as per the news report. Without any plan, the Chinese government ended its “zero-COVID policy” which in its initial phases imposed stringent measures, according to report. To contain the spread of the virus, China imposed “draconian lockdowns, stringent contact tracing as well as inhumane behavior by party officials.”

Although China’s economy saw a significant decline due to the sanctions imposed by the CCP, the deaths could have been prevented by measures announced by the Chinese government.

However, they left a large percentage of their population without natural immunity to COVID, and therefore, because China’s domestic vaccines were ineffective as a preventive against the virus and they also failed to protect people, according to report.

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