Exit Polls: BJP Headed for Victory in Gujarat, Edge over Congress in Himachal Pradesh

New Delhi: The BJP is ready to sweep Gujarat and has an edge over Congress in a tough fight in Himachal Pradesh, exit polls predicted on Monday

Exit polls predicted that the BJP is on course for a landslide victory in Gujarat and could create a record in terms of seats won. He also predicted that AAP would open its account in the Gujarat Assembly and finish third behind the Congress and the BJP.

While most exit polls predicted that BJP is likely to retain Himachal Pradesh, one exit poll predicted Congress to be in the lead in the sweepstakes to form government in the hill state which has seen the power rotate between the BJP and Congress for several decades.

The exit poll results came out after the conclusion of the second phase of polling in Gujarat on Monday. The first phase of polling in Gujarat was held on December 1 and results for the two states will be declared on December 8. The polls gave AAP a sweep in the MCD polls in Delhi. The results of the MCD polls will be declared on December 7.

According to the India Today-Axis My India poll, the BJP is set to create a record in terms of its electoral performance in Gujarat. It also predicted AAP making sizeable inroads in terms of vote share. The exit poll predicted that BJP would win 129-151 seats, Congress 16-30 seats, and AAP 9-21 seats in Gujarat. The poll predicted BJP getting 46 % votes, Congress 26 %, and AAP 20 %.

According to Republic-PMARQ exit polls, the BJP is poised to get between 128 and 148 seats with a 48.2 pc vote share. Gujarat is a BJP stronghold, and the party is seeking a seventh successive term in office in the state which has 182 assembly seats. The poll gave Congress 30-42 seats with 32.6 pc vote share, AAP 2-10 seats with 15.4 % vote shared, and others getting 0-3 seats with 3.8 % votes.

The Times Now-ETG poll gave BJP 135-145 seats in Gujarat, Congress 24-34, and AAP 6 to 16.

The TV 9 Gujarati gave 125-130 seats to BJP, 40-50 seats to Congress, 3- 5 seats to AAP, and 3-7 seats to others.

News X-Jan ki Baat exit poll gave 117-140 seats to BJP, 34-51 seats to Congress, 6-13 seats to AAP, and 1-2 seats to others.

In Himachal Pradesh, which went to the polls on November 12, the Republic-PMARQ exit poll gave 34-49 seats to BJP with a vote share of 44.8 %

It predicted that Congress would get 28-33 seats with a vote share of 42.9 %. AAP is predicted to get a 0-1 seat in the state with a 2.8 % vote share, the exit poll said.

Himachal Pradesh has a 68-member assembly. India Today-Axis poll predicted that Congress is ahead and would have 30- 40 seats in the hill state, BJP 24-34, and AAP four to eight seats. The poll predicted a 44 % vote share for Congress, 42 pc for BJP, two % for AAP, and 12 % for others.

India TV-Matrize poll gave 35-40 seats to BJP and 26-31 to Congress. The poll predicted that AAP will not be able to open its account while others will get 0-3 seats. The NewsX-Jan ki Baat poll predicted 32-40 polls for BJP, 27-34 for Congress, none for AAP, and 1-2 for others.

The Times Now-ETG poll predicted 34-42 seats for BJP, 24-32 for Congress, none for AAP, and others getting 1-3 seats.  The Zee News-BARC poll predicted 35-40 seats for BJP, 20-25 for Congress, 0-3 for AAP, and 1-5 for others in the hill state.

For Delhi MCD polls held on Sunday, Aaj Tak-My Axis India poll predicted AAP getting 149-171 seats, BJP 69-91, Congress 3-7, and others 5-9. The NewsX-Jan ki Baat gave AAP 159-175 seats out of 250, BJP 70-92 seats, Congress 4-7 seats, and others one seat.

The Times Now-ETG poll gave 146-156 seats to AAP, 84-94 seats to BJP, 6-10 seats to Congress, and 0-4 seats to others. The BJP has ruled MCD for three successive terms.

Exit polls showed that Congress has failed to revive itself in the national capital.

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