Government Upgraded Mukesh Ambani's Security to Z+

Mumbai: The Ministry of Home Affairs on Thursday upgraded Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani’s security to Z+ class following an intel report of a threat.

Ambani has before conceded a Z class security which incorporates pilot and follow-up vehicles with armed commandos who give him security each time when he moves inside Mumbai or any region of India.

In August this year, a man was detained by the Mumbai Police in the Borivali West area of Mumbai for threatening Ambani and his family. The Reliance Foundation Hospital had registered a complaint with the police in the wake of getting calls threatening the industrialist.

The security of Mukesh Ambani has hoarded headlines after an SUV containing explosives was found parked close to his home Antilia last year. In July this year, the Supreme Court permitted the Narendra Modi government to go on with the security cover of Mukesh Ambani and his family members in Mumbai. The top court request came because of the government challenging the Tripura high court direction on a PIL.

The supreme court’s vacation bench had remained on the orders of the high court on the PIL which had challenged the permission of security cover to the industrialist and his family members in Mumbai.

The high court had passed two interim orders on May 31 and June 21, guiding the union government to put the original file maintained by the MHA on the threat discernment and assessment report of the tycoon and his relatives because of which security was conceded to them.

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