Gyanvapi Case

Varanasi: The district court in Varanasi on Monday dismissed the Anjuman Intezamia Committee’s supplication challenging Hindu admirers’ solicitation for permission for day-to-day worship of Hindu gods in the Gyanvapi mosque.

District Judge AK Vishvesh conveying the decision in the Gyanvapi Shrinagar Gauri dispute case said the case is viable. The case was recorded for the next hearing on September 22.

The Anjuman Intezamia Committee which represents the Muslim side will presently move to the Allahabad high court challenging the lower court decision.

Man Bhadur Singh, the counsel of the Hindu side who addresses one of the offended parties in the viability of the suit, said the supplication of Muslim side has been dismissed.

Before the day, an alarm had been sounded in all delicate areas of Uttar Pradesh considering the court administering. Police said patrolling is on. “Harmony being guaranteed. Religious heads have issued statements asking for peace to be maintained,” said ADG, Prashant Kumar.

Not long after the decision was out, a flag march was led in Lucknow’s old city region by the commissioner of police.

A day prior, the administration in Varanasi had forced prohibitory orders under Segment 144 of the CrPC and conveyed extra police forces in regions where individuals from the two communities reside.

The district judge had last month held the order till September 12 in the communally delicate matter. The case was being heard by the district court following a Supreme Court order.

Prior, a lower court had requested a videographic study of the complex. The study work was finished on May 16 and the report was submitted under the steady gaze of the court on May 19.

As per the Hindu side, a Shivling was found during the videographic review of the Gyanvapi mosque-Shringar Gauri complex, however, it was challenged by the Muslim side.

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