Half-naked Dead Body of a Tourist Girl was Found on Puri Beach

Puri: A body of an 18-year-old woman dressed in only her underclothes was found on the beach near the Penthakata area in Odisha’s Puri, on November 26, three days after she went missing, the police said.

However, the police suspect that the woman, a resident of a village in Madhya Pradesh’s Bina district, died due to drowning in the sea.

The woman’s family has alleged that she was abducted from a hotel and later raped and then murdered. The family members met Puri superintendent of police K V Singh during the day and demanded a high-level investigation.

Puri police said the face of the woman was blackened, probably by chemicals like acid and her fingers were mutilated. “It could, however, also be due to the long exposure to saline water of the sea as the body had floated face down. Her fingers may have been eaten away by any marine creature”.

The father, however, claimed that acid was poured on her face by her killer to hide her identity. Acid was also poured on her back. It was her father who had identified her from her earrings, gold nose pin, a red band in her hand, and a black one on her ankle.

Disturbing images shared with PTI showed that the body was bloated with at least one finger missing. It also had several cut marks on it.

“We have registered an unnatural death case. However, keeping in view the family members’ suspicions I have asked an officer of the level of deputy superintendent of police to probe into the incident,” the PTI collected information from SP via phone call.

Family members said the woman had gone missing on November 23 when she had left the hotel room to collect her clothes that were drying outside. They allege that the woman was abducted from the hotel and killed by pouring acid on her face so that she could not be identified.

Police said the family had lodged a missing case at the beach police station on November 23 and had left the city. The body was found three days later. The family members alleged that the local police are not taking the matter seriously. They request immediate and strict action on this matter. The family members urge for help as she was their only daughter.

The family members also said that they were informed of the body being found on the beach after the post-mortem.

The local police are ignoring the case, as well as the media houses of Odisha state are not covering this matter.

By Archana

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