Hardeep Puri to Attend US-India Energy Dialogue

Washington: Union petroleum minister Hardeep S Puri will co-chair the ministerial discourse of the US-India Strategic Clean Energy Partnership (USISCEP) on Friday with US energy secretary Jennifer Granholm in Washington.

Puri will likewise lead an official and business appointment to Washington DC and Houston from October 6-11, it said. The revamped USISCEP was launched in 2021 as per the US-India Climate and Clean Energy Agenda 2030 Partnership announced by Pm Modi and President Joe Biden at a summit in April 2021.

At the April 2021 Leaders, Summit on Climate, PM Modi and President Biden announced the high-level US-India Climate and Clean Energy Agenda 2030 Partnership, to speed up progress toward shared climate and clean energy objectives, according to the US Energy Department.

“The agenda 2030 Partnership incorporates two tracks of commitment: 1) the Strategic Clean Energy Partnership (SCEP), and 2) the Climate Action and Finance Mobilization Dialogue. The US-India SCEP expands upon a longstanding two-sided energy exchange focused on energy security and development. The rejuvenated SCEP will continue to propel energy security and development with greater emphasis on electrification and decarbonization of processes and end utilizes; increasing arising clean energy innovations; tracking down solutions for hard-to-decarbonize areas, and deploying technical solutions,” it said.

Commitment with the private area and different partners remains a priority to work with quick innovation deployment and set out economic opportunities for the two countries, it said.

The partnership continues to propel energy security and innovation; scaling up emerging clean energy advancements; and deploying technical solutions through five pillars, the oil ministry said in a statement. The five pillars are – – the responsible oil and gas pillar, power and energy efficiency pillar, renewable energy pillar, sustainable growth pillar, and emerging fuels and technologies.

Puri will likewise interface with World Bank authorities on climate resilient metropolitan Framework, the assertion said. “He will also take part in two executive roundtables with USA India Business Council in Washington D.C. and with USA India Strategic Partnership Forum in Houston,” it said adding that the minister will likewise have conversations with CEOs of US-based energy companies.

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