China’s Yuan Wang 5

New Delhi : On Monday China assume as “senseless” India’s resistance to the mooring of a Chinese ship at a Sri Lankan port, saying significant nations ought to quit disturbing ordinary trades between Beijing and Colombo.

China’s Yuan Wang 5, space and satellite following vessel, was permitted by Colombo last month to dock at the southern Sri Lankan port of Hambantota between August 11 and 17, bringing security worries up in New Delhi.

Reports from Colombo said that following India’s interests, Sri Lanka had requested Beijing to concede the appearance of the ship.

Answering the reports, Chinese foreign ministry representative, Wang Wenbin, said on Monday that Beijing had observed the reports and affirmed that “the participation among China and Sri Lanka is freely picked by the two nations and meets normal interests. It focuses on no outsider”.

It is “silly to pressure Sri Lanka” by referring to the issue of safety concerns, Wang said, regarding the reports that Sri Lanka’s move was ascribed to worries communicated by India.

“Sri Lanka is a sovereign state. It can foster relations with different nations in the illumination of its own advancement advantages. The collaboration between China and Sri Lanka is autonomously picked by the two nations and meets normal interests,” Wang said.

“China desires important gatherings to see China’s logical investigations in a sensible and reasonable manner and quit disturbing the ordinary trade between China and Sri Lanka,” Wang said.

Sri Lanka is a vehicle center in the Indian Ocean, Wang said, adding that numerous scientific exploration ships including those from China have halted at Sri Lankan ports for resupplies.

“China has always exercised the freedom of navigation in the high seas and fully respects and respects the jurisdiction of coastal states of the scientific exploration activities within their jurisdiction waters,” Wang said.

Chinese Ambassador Qi Zhenhong looked for a gathering with President Ranil Wickremesinghe on Saturday, in the wake of getting the note verbal from the Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry mentioning a defer in the visit.

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