Pakistan Colonel Gave ₹30,000 to Attack Indian Army

Srinagar: The suicide attacker who was caught by the Army last month and had professed to have gotten assets from a Pakistani colonel to cause harm for the Indian Army passed on Saturday subsequent to experiencing heart failure.

Terrorist Tabarak Hussain, who said he had been sent on a suicide mission to India, was being treated at the Army Hospital in Jammu and Kashmir’s Rajouri in the wake of enduring bullet wounds in his leg and shoulder.

Tabarak was caught in an injured condition on August 21 along the Line of Control in Jhanger Nowshera during a failed penetration bid. As per reports, he was the child of Mistri Malik, an occupant of Sabzakote in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

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The terrorist had before said he had shown up with four-five other men and had been given ₹30,000 by a Pakistani colonel, Colonel Yunus, to target the Indian Army.

He had been in critical condition in the wake of getting two bullet injuries. Armed force authorities had apparently given blood to the terrorist to save his life.

Earlier Brigadier Rajeev Nair was cited in the media saying “We never thought of him as a terrorist. We treated him like any other patient to save his life. It is the greatness of Indian Army officials who gave their blood to him even though he had come to bleed them. His blood group was very rare, O negative.”

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