Morbi Tragedy

Ahmedabad: On Tuesday Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the spot in Gujarat’s Morbi district where a hanging bridge across the Machchhu river collapsed two days ago killing more than 130 individuals and left injured several others.

He was joined by chief minister Bhupendra Patel. The PM additionally met the people who were engaged in rescue and help operations when the mishap struck in Morbi. He then met patients at the nearby hospital.

As per reports north of 100 individuals are going through treatment at the Morbi civil hospital. Alleviation and rescue activity is in progress for the third day. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, alongside Gujarat CM Bhupendra Patel, visits the incident site in Morbi, Gujarat, while the search and rescue activity is in progress in the Machchhu river.

The hospital was allegedly tidied up fully expecting the PM’s visit. Visuals of the cleanup have turned into a web sensation on social media leading to a controversy.

Up to this point, the breakdown of the pedestrian suspension bridge saw the demise of 135 people. Nine people have been captured in the case. A case was held up against firms tasked with the maintenance and operation of the British period structure on Monday. The proprietor of one of the firms is allegedly missing.

Video footage from minutes before the collapse evening showed the cables of the bridge snapping in no time flat bringing down scores of visitors in the river.

The bridge had resumed five days ago after broad repair yet sans a fitness certificate.

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