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Bihar: After taking oath as Bihar CM for the eighth time in service at Raj Bhawan, JD(U) leader Nitish Kumar targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying “he won in 2014, yet ought to now worry about 2024.” Rebutting the BJP’s case of an early fall, Nitish stated that the new government in Bihar will run fine and dandy.

A day in the wake of leaving the NDA union, Nitish Kumar was confirmed as Chief Minister of Bihar on Wednesday, with the RJD’s Tejashwi Yadav making taking oath as his Deputy. Nitish finished his union with the BJP on Tuesday, and resigned as the alliance Chief Minister, just to stake guarantee again hours after the fact. Not long after he was confirmed, Kumar said that the JD(U) had on the whole chosen to leave the partnership with the BJP. “The party pursued the choice together (to leave BJP)… regardless of whether I will remain (till 2024)… they can express whatever they might be thinking, however, I won’t live in the year 2014,” he added.

The BJP, in the meantime, copied at least a couple of times by Kumar, blamed him for being a “routine traitor”. In an explanation given after the center council meeting at the state base camp, the party declared that it will organize gigantic fights (mahadharnas) against the betrayal by the JD(U) leader across all districts on Wednesday which will be trailed by fomentations at the block level a day after the fact.

Kumar has proactively been chosen leader of the Mahagathbandhan of seven gatherings — RJD, Congress, JD(U), and Left parties, including CPI, CPIML, and others. The viable strength of the state Assembly is 242 and the enchanted figure is 122. Addressing the media later, he said he presented a rundown of 164 MLAs to the governor who will choose when the pledge assuming can take position. With under two years for Lok Sabha decisions in April-May 2024, Kumar’s arising as an agreement competitor of a reconfigured partnership of Opposition gatherings to challenge Prime Minister Narendra Modi is plausible numerous in Opposition are as of now examining.

Newly appointed Bihar CM Nitish Kumar on Friday said that the JD(U) had on the whole chosen to leave the partnership with the BJP. “The party settled on the choice together (to leave BJP)…whether I will remain or not (till 2024)…they can express whatever they might be thinking, yet I won’t live in the year 2014,” he told news office ANI.

One day subsequent to leaving the NDA coalition, JD(U) leader Nitish Kumar was sworn in as Chief Minister of Bihar for the eighth time, with the RJD’s Tejashwi Yadav as his deputy.

Tejashwi Yadav made sense of why Nitish Kumar needed to return to the RJD. “You see the BJP’s old allies now, from Punjab to Maharashtra to Bihar. They tried to finish their allies at all these places. Now the BJP has no allies in the entire Hindi heartland. The BJP had been trying to subsume the JD(U) too. But we are socialists. Nitish Kumar is our ancestor, and we alone should hold on to his legacy,” the RJD leader said Tuesday.

This maybe is the most striking and detectable distinction between the Mahagathbandhan of 2015 and of 2022. In the event that Nitish required the partnership quite a while back to recapture his political matchless quality after the 2014 Lok Sabha survey drubbing, he wants it now for political longevity, to stay a partner past the 2025 Assembly elections.

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