Pakistan Colonel Gave ₹30,000 to Attack Indian Army

Srinagar: A caught terrorist going through treatment at a facility of the Indian Army in Kashmir said he had been sent on a suicide mission by a colonel of the Pakistani armed force. The terrorist, recognized as Tabarak Hussain by news organization ANI, said he had shown up with four-five other men and had been given ₹30,000 by the Pakistani colonel, Colonel Yunus, to target the Indian Army.

Hussain said he had directed recce of a few posts of the Indian Army.

As per inputs shared by the agency, Hussain was caught by the Indian Army on August 21 along the Line of Control (LOC) in the Jhangar area of Naushera in Jammu and Kashmir’s Rajouri when he and a couple of different terrorists attempted to infiltrate.

“I, alongside 4-5 others had come here on a suicide mission, sent by Colonel Yunus of the Pakistan Army. He gave me ₹30,000 to target the Indian Army. Had recced 1-2 posts of the Indian Army,” Hussain is heard telling a columnist from ANI in a clasp shared by the news agency.

A representative of the Army said Hussain was in critical condition after receiving two bullet wounds in his thigh and shoulder. Brigadier Rajeev Nair said Army authorities gave blood to the terrorist and he was dealt with like some other patient whose life must be saved. “Members of our team gave him three bottles of blood, he was operated on and put in the ICU. He is stable now but will take a few weeks to improve,” Brigadier Nair said.

He likewise praised the spirit of the Army authorities who gave blood for somebody who had come to end their lives, adding the terrorist has the rare blood group O negative.

“We never considered him a terrorist. We dealt with him like some other patient to save his life. The greatness of Indian Army authorities gave their blood to him even though he had come to kill them. His blood group was extremely rare, O negative,” the brigadier was cited as saying by news office ANI.

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