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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that the victory in the Gujarat Assembly elections has come at a time when India is entering the Amrit Kaal, indicating that politics during the next 25 years will be about development.

While addressing people at the Bharatiya Janata Party headquarters “I had told the people of Gujarat that this time Narendra’s record should be broken. I promised that Narendra will work hard so that Bhupendra can break Narendra’s record.

“Gujarat has broken all records by giving the biggest mandate to BJP in the history of Gujarat,” he added. PM Modi said that because of the people’s affection and blessings, even in places where the party didn’t win, its vote share increased.

“The blessings and affection of the people have been extraordinary. I bow to them. Even where we didn’t win, our vote share increased. We won in Rampur. The result in Bihar also indicates the future trend in the state,” he said.

PM Modi said the party would work for Himachal Pradesh, despite the party’s loss in the state.

“We lost the Himachal elections by less than 1% vote. This had never happened in history. I assure the people that though we might have lost, we will be committed to the state’s development,” he said. He said that people have rejected the politics of dynasties and corruption.

“This success has come when India entered the ‘Amrit Kaal’. This shows that the next 25 years belong to development, and it mirrors the expectations of the country. It also shows that people’s anger is rising against corruption and dynastic politics.

PM Modi said the party has reached this success after facing several ups and downs.

“We haven’t reached this success easily. It is the hard work of five generations, from the time of Jan Sangh. Lakhs of workers, put down immense hard work and dedicated their whole lives to the party,” he added.

He further warned that everyone should remain “beware” as more “attacks” can take place in the coming times.

“After 2002, every step of mine was lambasted. But I kept on learning and improving myself. Now, we have to remain ready for more such “attacks” in the future,” he added.

He further urged all sections of the public to unite for the development of the country.

“We have received support from all sections of society. Now, it is time for the country to unite and work for the development of the country with the vision of ‘Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas, and Sabka Prayaas’. When the country will celebrate 100 years of its independence in 2047, we will hand over a developed country to the young generation,” he added.

Meanwhile, according to the latest information from the Election Commission, BJP is poised to win 156 seats in the 182- member Gujarat assembly having already won 142 seats and leading on 14 seats.

While, Congress is set to suffer its worst electoral defeat in Gujarat, having won 16 seats and leading on one. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has been able to make its entry into the state assembly having won five seats and increasing its vote percentage to 12.82%.

The BJP, which has won its seventh straight election in Gujarat, is set to not only improve its own best record of 127 seats in 2002 — the first election with Narendra Modi as a chief minister — but the Congress tally of 149 seats in 1985.

Meanwhile, the new chief minister of Gujarat will be sworn in on December 12 at 2 pm, state BJP chief CR Patil said on Thursday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah will participate in the swearing-in ceremony.

Significantly, this is the biggest mandate in the history of the state so far. With this, BJP has become the second party in the history of the country to come to power in a state for seven consecutive terms.

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