Shehbaz Sharif Thanked PM Modi

New Delhi: Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Wednesday said thanks to Mr. Narendra Modi for expressing worries over the human and material misfortunes caused by the nation’s most awful flood in years, saying his nation will defeat the unfriendly impacts of the natural disaster.

“I thank Indian PM Narendra Modi @narendramodi for condolences over the human & material losses caused by floods. With their characteristic resilience the people of Pakistan shall, InshaAllah, overcome the adverse effects of this natural calamity & rebuild their lives and communities,” Sharif tweeted.

On Monday, Priinister Modi had said he was disheartened to see the decimation brought about by the floods in Pakistan and hoped for an early rebuilding of normalcy.

“Saddened to see the devastation caused by the floods in Pakistan. We extend our heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims, the injured and all those affected by this natural calamity and hope for an early restoration of normalcy,” Modi had tweeted.

Sharif’s tweet comes a day after, he basically precluded the chance of considering food imports from India to beat deficiencies caused by destroying floods.

On Monday, Pakistan’s finance minister Miftah Ismail expressed in a media interaction that his nation could consider importing vegetables and other food things from India to assist people to cope with the broad destruction of crops in streak floods.

Sharif confronted a volley of inquiries on conceivable food imports and resumption of trade with India when he briefed the global media in Islamabad on Tuesday on the exceptional floods.

“There won’t have been problems about trading with India but genocide is going on there and Kashmiris have been denied their rights. Kashmir has been forcibly annexed through the abolition of Article 370” Sharif expressed, alluding to India’s 2019 choice to scrap the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and to part the region into two union territories.

“I am, however, ready to sit and talk with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. We cannot afford war. We will have to dedicate our meager resources for alleviating poverty in our respective countries but we cannot live in peace without resolving these issues,” Sharif said.

Many individuals have died in floods and avalanches set off by exceptional monsoon rains. Upwards of 33 million individuals have been uprooted.

The heavy downpours killed in excess of 1,000 in Pakistan, where about 50 thousand people are in relief camps.

According to an official estimate the damage at more than $10 billion — a cost that was important for what constrained the country to get a $1.1 billion credit from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to deflect an unavoidable default. The nation is currently confronting an approaching food emergency with enormous wraps of farmland under water.

On Wednesday, Ismail said international agencies have moved toward the country’s government to permit imports from India through the land border, however, the Pakistan government can think of it as solely after surveying the supply shortage position in the wake of talking with its alliance accomplices and key partners.

“More than one international agency has approached the government to allow them to bring food items from India through the land border. The government will take the decision to allow imports or not based on supply shortage position, after consulting its coalition partners & key stakeholders,” the priest tweeted.

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