Lok Sobha Speaker Om Birla

Boston: Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla interacted with members from the Indian diaspora and Indian students studying in the United States on Saturday and said the voice of the nation resonates all over the world as its democracy is the most unique and vibrant.

On his appearance in Boston, Mr. Birla visited the Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He interacted with the faculties, resource persons, and students there.

Interacting with the Indian students and members of the diaspora, Mr. Birla shared the country’s development story and said the Indian diaspora is held in high regard across the world because of their hard-working attitudes and culture, the Lok Sabha Secretariat said in an explanation.

He likewise noticed that members from the Indian diaspora have consistently come to the aid of their motherland as well as their host countries, at whatever point called upon amid hardship.

Discussing the Indian democracy, Mr. Birla said it is the greatest strength of the nation and it has sped up India’s progress.

“The Indian democracy is the most dynamic and vibrant one and that is why India’s voice reverberates around the world. Today, the world listens when India speaks,” he said.

The speaker additionally discussed policy interventions in rural development, communication, women empowerment, etc.

He further said a self-reliant India is making ready for the country’s development as a worldwide assembling center.

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